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"Global Human Rights Leadership Development Institute(GHRLDI)"


Dear All,
We are pleased to announce the first edition of our onlineschool "Global Human Rights Leadership Development Institute(GHRLDI)", A global training program for human rights advocates andeducators, organized and supported by Human Rights and Justice GroupInternational.The objective of GHRLDI is to train and support new generations ofhuman rights educators, who will in turn establish such learning intheir communities. The GHRLDI program that focuses on internationalhuman rights standards, current human rights issues and human rightslearning strategies. The exploration of human rights principles andinstruments, ongoing critical reflection and inquiry and extensivesharing of experiences allow participants to strengthen theirleadership capacity to engage in effective human rights learning.GHRLDI GOALTo strengthen the capacity of human rights organisations toundertake human rights learning efforts in their variouscommunities, aimed at fostering a global culture of human rights.The GHRLDI aims at enabling participating organisations to undertakemore effective human rights education activities in their variouscountries and communities. To this end, the Program places a strongemphasis on the transfer of learning and on follow-up activities.Participants attending the Program will develop an Individual ActionPlan for putting their learning into action as part of the training.Therefore, when submitting an application for one of our programs,organisations, together with the candidates they nominate to attendthe Program, should consider how the transfer of their learningmight take place within their organisation after the Program. Thisis expected to help the participants to integrate their experiencesinto their organisations work as well as building partnership anddeveloping new programs in the field of human rights.Human Rights Leadership Training Program"A Capacity Building Program for Activists and Community Advocates"Date: October 2 - December 9, 2006.Deadline for applications: September 20, 2006Fee: US$200.- (some scholarships available, download course infopacket for details) Outline & ObjectivesThe Human Rights Leadership Training Program provides understandingand skills which will equip potential human rights educators andadvocates to:*Integrate knowledge in the fields of: politics, economics, culturaldiversity, gender issues and socio-psychology in the context ofHuman Rights.*Strategize training and methodologies required for promoting humanrights education in various countries across all sectors of society.*To explore the specificities and points of commonality of the non-formal and the formal education contexts in relation to human rightseducation.*To establish a global network of trainers on human rights education.The programme will consist of 7 different modules:Human RightsSocial SystemsGlobalizationTrainingHuman Rights Advocacy in ActionICT and Human RightsManagement SkillsA comprehensive discussion guide will be provided to eachparticipant. Discussion and empowerment sessions related to eachmodule will help participants understand and internalize the HumanRights learning approach to development.Participants will be empowered to emerge as human rights educatorsthemselves. The programme will give participants creative, concreteknowledge of how to use international and regional human rightstreaties and enforcement mechanisms in their work.Methodology:The methodology used is significantly participatory andexperimental, with a constant focus on the five principles of HumanRights:Non-discriminationGender equityUniversalityProgressive realizationNon-retrogressionParticipants who successfully complete all seven modules of thecourse will receive a Certificate of Participation and a printedcopy of the workshop proceedings. A minimum of 75% participation isrequired, including completion of course assignments on schedule,regular contribution to the online discussion forum, participationin bi-weekly online conferences & regional study group, andcompletion of a final project.For further information about the course or request for applicationform please contact Margaret Abiagam at,or call +234-8034923400.Regards,Margaret AbiagamProject ManagerGlobal Human Rights Leadership Development Institute (GHRLDP)Human Rights and Justice Group Int'l53 Western Avenue, Ojuelegba, SurulereP.O.Box 3326, Surulere,101014, Lagos, NigeriaTel: +234-803-923400, 01-4773739, Fax:206-666-2904e-mail:info@justicegroup.orgwww.justicegroup.orgHuman Rights & Justice Group International is a registered nonprofit organisation working for the betterment of the citizenrythrough the instrumentality of law, education, enlightenment andhumanitarianism to secure them in a life of human dignity through aparticipatory community action.
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